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June 25, 2014

Intellectual Property Law Group LLP (IPLG) is pleased to announce that on June 25, 2014, the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Hon. Louis L. Stanton presiding) awarded IPLG client American Tibetan Health Institute, Inc. a significant victory in its lawsuit against several trademark infringers based in New York City. IPLG congratulates American Tibetan Health Institute, Inc., producer of the widely-respected TIBETAN BAICAO TEA® Chinese tea product (西藏百草茶), on its win.



The two main issues of focus in the case were: 1) Which party first used the marks in commerce in the United States, and 2) whether or not American Tibetan Health Institute, Inc. abandoned its rights in the marks.

After a four day jury trial, a unanimous verdict was rendered which found that ATHI was the first to use its trademarks in commerce and did not abandon the marks. Finding for ATHI on the merits, the Court granted a permanent injunction and seizure order against the infringers of the marks.

American Tibetan Health Institute, Inc. was represented by Otto O. Lee, Esq. and Bonnie J. Wolf, Esq. of Intellectual Property Law Group LLP, with David W. Kloss, Esq. and Justin Kloss, Esq. of Kloss, Stenger, & LoTempio.



This victory for American Tibetan Health Institute, Inc. highlights IPLG’s commitment to protecting the valuable rights of its clients in high stakes intellectual property disputes.

A copy of Judge Stanton’s decision may be viewed here.




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