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San Jose, CA, [9/30/14] - Intellectual Property Law Group LLP (IPLG) is very pleased to announce an important victory for our client PQ Labs in a trade secrets misappropriation lawsuit against competitor ZaagTech.  On September 30, 2014, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California found ZaagTech liable for infringement of various intellectual property rights including trade secrets misappropriation, trademark infringement and unfair competition. The Court awarded significant compensatory and exemplary damages and enjoined ZaagTech from any future sale of infringing goods containing PQ Labs’ trade secrets.


Chief Judge Hon. Claudia Wilken presided over the 4-day bench trial held in Oakland, California, which included testimony from multiple technical and damage expert witnesses. ZaagTech, a Chinese corporation, and its principals were found liable for infringement of PQ’s intellectual property rights, which include trademark infringement, unfair competition, proprietary and confidential technology. The Court found Defendants to have “engaged in willful and malicious misappropriation” of Plaintiffs’ trade secrets.


PQ Labs, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company and a global leader in the research, design, development, and manufacturing of multi-touch products that provide revolutionary hardware and software in order to eliminate the need for a keyboard or mouse with future computer applications. PQ Labs maintains a robust IP portfolio including U.S. and international patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secret protection relating to their innovative multi-touch products.  When PQ Labs became aware of the infringers, it vigilantly exercised their IP protection rights, and immediately took action against the Chinese manufacturers of infringing touch screen products.  PQ Labs is committed to continued innovation, developing the next generation of natural user interface solutions which are widely adopted in the global computer industry.  For more information about PQ Labs, please visit http://multitouch.com.


PQ Labs was represented by Otto O. Lee, Kevin C. Viau, Bonnie J. Wolf, and Isaac H. Winer of Intellectual Property Law Group LLP with trial counsel, Steven A. Ellenberg of Ellenberg & Hull.  For more information about IPLG, please visit http://www.iplg.com.


A copy of the Court’s decision may be viewed here.


Permanent Injunction Order may be viewed here.


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