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Ms. Jackson specializes in patent and intellectual property law. Her emphasis is on patent prosecution.

As a registered patent attorney, Ms. Jackson has prepared and prosecuted utility and design patent applications in various arts. She has counseled clients in obtaining domestic and foreign patent protection as well as developing patent strategies. Ms. Jackson has legalized foreign documents, conducted patent novelty searches, drafted licensing agreements, and prepared patent infringement and validity analyses. She has further represented clients in reissue and interference proceedings. She works closely with foreign patent attorneys in preparing national stage entry applications, foreign patent filings and advising in patent related transactions.

While in law school, Ms. Jackson was very active with the Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal as a Technical Editor. The journal produces two publications per year on current issues especially related to the field of intellectual property law. She further studied comparative US/European IP Law abroad at Oxford University in England.

Prior to her legal career, Ms. Jackson served at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C. She worked with the Civil/Structural branch at the Building Design and Engineering group of the Foreign Buildings Operations Office, assisting civil, seismic and geotechnical engineers on various projects to evaluate/prepare sites; design, maintain and improve foreign embassy buildings to ensure the life safety of its occupants. She further conducted seismic evaluation; researched scopes of work and engineering contract proposals and initiated geotechnical report databases. She has also worked with various civil engineering professionals on educational based transportation, wastewater and construction engineering related projects.


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