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Student Internship

Types of Internships

We offer internships in our main practice areas: Patent, Trademark/Copyright, Corporate, IP litigation, and International Trade/U.S. Customs. Internship applicants should indicate the area of their interest in their cover letters. Applicants should be aware that an internship period is not long enough to cover more that one area, so practice areas may not be combined.

Patent Internship

This internship focuses primarily on Patent prosecution and litigation support training, interns train closely with a Patent attorney. It's a great way to prepare for the Patent bar!

Trademark/Copyright Internship

This internship focuses primarily on Trademark and Copyright prosecution and litigation matters. Interns train closely with a Trademark attorney.

Corporate Internship

This internship focuses primarily on corporate matters and may focus on high tech corporate clients.

General IP and Litigation Internship

This internship does not focus on a particular area. Interns train in general civil litigation and may be involved with IP litigation

International Trade / U.S. Customs

This internship focuses on client issues related to antidumping, customs seizures, and international transactions.





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