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Student Interns


Our current and past interns have represented the following law schools: U.C. Hastings, Boalt, Santa Clara University, University of San Francisco, Stanford University, Seattle University, Melbourne University (Australia), University of Delhi (India), and Munster University (Germany).

Here's what some of them had to say about their internship experiences at IPLG:

"This has been a truly enriching experience. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in working in patents. Nothing compares to having hands-on experience in a law firm. Although having read about drafting claims in law school class, it does not prepare a person for how difficult of a task it truly is. I was presented with a number of opportunities that I did not expect including actually meeting inventors and drafting official office action responses. The attorneys and administrative staff have been very gracious since my first day at the office. "
>> David Yu, University of Oregon Law School, Summer 2009

"This summer was a great learning experience. I got to work in some many facets of not only intellectual property, but also litigation and securities. Sitting in on meetings with clients was exciting and something I know I would not have had the opportunity to do that at another firm. I learned a lot of substantive law, but also about how a law firm operates and how to apply that law to real world situations with actual clients. This summer also cemented my desire to work in the IP field. I had a great summer. "
>> Jennifer Littell, University of Oregon Law School, Summer 2009.

"While I enjoyed the entire experience of interning at IPLG this fall, there are specific things I was allowed to do that I found to be most educational and the most exciting and those include the following: Sitting in during the client meetings/phone calls, attending court hearings after researching for the motions being argued, drafting an answer to a complaint, and drafting arguments by applying the law to the facts of specific cases."
>> Amanpreet Kaur, Golden Gate University, Fall 2008.

"All the attorneys are more than willing to make time to discuss legal questions and issues and provide mentorship as needed."
>> Michael Owens, Santa Clara University, Spring 2008.

"I found the environment at IPLG very friendly and relaxed (except probably not relaxed for those who had a last minute filing to do). I learned a lot. I thank you for the opportunity you have given me."
>> Paul Findley, UC Hastings College of Law, Summer 2007.

"I have really enjoyed my summer at IPLG, and the time seems to have just flown by. Thank you...for giving me such a great opportunity this summer."
>> Alisa Kao, University of Illinois College of Law, Summer 2007.

"My experience as a trademark intern at IPLG taught me so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I was given substantive assignments right from the start and was truly given the opportunity to learn what an attorney does on a day to day basis. I believe that my experiences at IPLG have helped provide me with the hands-on training needed to be a trademark attorney."
>> Lauren Mirsky, Santa Clara University, Summer 2005.

"This is real work - the experience is invaluable and cannot be matched by any one law school class. Notably, it makes finals easier because it ends without a final. In one semester I wrote a patent application from start to finish including the novelty search, client contact (letters), drawings (through an artist), specification writing, and ultimately claims drafting. I also worked on a licensing agreement, supported another attorney in an interference proceeding, filed a design application, and met a bunch of great people. The firm has a very friendly atmosphere, with great experience."
>> Walter Coronel, University of San Francisco, Spring 2005.

"My internship at IPLG was an amazing experience. Everyone at IPLG is very helpful and friendly. I was able to learn a lot from my supervising attorney's. They were always available for feedback and guidance. I was able to get valuable experience in different aspects of patent prosecution. In my short tenure I got to work on Office Action Responses, patent novelty search, provisional patents, plant patents, researching international patent laws and much more. The best part was that I got an opportunity to work on patents in different fields of engineering: mechanical, software, hardware, medical devises, etc. I would highly recommend internship at IPLG to any law student with interest in patent prosecution."
>> Sunil Sodah, San Francisco Law School, Spring 2005.

"My experience as an intern at IPLG surpassed all my expectations. From day one and throughout my internship, I was involved in many different aspects of patent prosecution. The best part of the small firm experience was the immediate emersion into the practice of law. My assignments were fun and challenging, more importantly, I felt I had adequate resources to complete the assigned tasks. The environment and people were friendly. I feel the experience at IPLG provides me the proper foundation for a successful career as a patent attorney."
>> Gigi Capuyan Santa Clara University Fall 2002 and Spring 2003.

"IPLG gave me the confidence and experience to work with patents. I enjoyed my time at IPLG and the people are great to work with!"
>> Alok Goel, Santa Clara University, Spring 2002.

"I have been very pleased with both the work that I have been given and the guidance that I have received while interning at IP Law Group. I'm sure that my experiences here will help me shape my future career."
>> Albert Wu, U.C. Hastings, Summer 2002.

>> Alexandra Carrillio, Santa Clara University, Spring 2002.

"Working at IPLG put what I learned in law school in a real-world context."
>> Natalie Fisher, Santa Clara University, Fall 2001.

"During my internship with the Intellectual Property Law Group LLP I worked on projects related to all areas of practice of this law firm. By assisting the attorneys in filing applications with the USPTO and drafting letters to clients, I learned about the U.S. legal system and international property law. I enjoyed the friendly and cooperative atmosphere in the office. Everybody of the staff was very helpful, not only in professional matters, but also in private matters, which was very important for me as a foreigner. I can warmly recommend an internship with IPLG."
>> Andreas Woitecki, University of Münster (Germany), University of Oviedo (Spain) and, University of Trier (Germany), Summer 2000.




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